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Put in the words from the wordlist. Think why the words are in plural or singular form.

aircraft audience babies billiards children clothes crossroads crossroads data economics family gasworks media news police politics scissors stepbrother and sister sunflowers trousers
1.   Your are blunt.
2.    is supposed to be a science.
3.    is something not everybody likes talking about.
4.    are an important part of a person's life.
5.   Warm are essential in Siberia.
6.   This is very dangerous. Many accidents happen here.
7.   The is: we must stay because they are comming.
8.   The are too young for the film beeing shown.
9.   The written is more liberal.
10.   The lost was very important.
11.   The crashed is a T605.
12.   The '' is Van Gogh's most famous work.
13.   My is the largest in the neighbourhood.
14.   Mark and Marie were .
15.   Is played by women too?
16.   I think the are not very effective. They never seem to catch any criminals.
17.   I have known them since they were .
18.   His new are too long. They end at his heel.
19.   All the are blocked by protesting drivers.
20.   A was blown up by terrorists.