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Nonstopenglish.com is an english grammar and vocabulary practice exercise-database. On-line practice of the English language has never been more fun and more enjoyable. Just register to receive a personal page with activity history where you can see which exercises you have done and how successfully. There are also Business English vocabulary topics to build your practical know-how of useful terms and phrases for the world of business.

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What is nonstopenglish.com?
English ESL/EFL activity. Lessons, games and quizzes. Grammar, vocabulary and reading exercises, tests. Teaching, learning resources and classes. Learn, practise and study using these on-line English grammar, vocabulary exercises. FREE lessons. Online interactive language course. English as a second, foreign language. Free TOEFL test, practice. Self-checker. Easy to advanced. Daily emails. Nonstop English is a workshop like vocabulary builder where you can improve vocabulary fast and increase understanding of everyday English. Check your knowledge and study everyday and formal English language. Drill English grammar items, use English in a funny way. English language practise on the internet with free interactive on-line database of carefully written tests with self-check pages and activity history. Improve your English grammar, vocabulary knowledge and skills. English language learning and practice has never been easier and funnier.Students can register to our free online school. After registration you will have a personal page with activity history. You can see how well you did the exercise.