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English grammar, and vocabulary exercises grouped by topic.

Existing exercises

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English vocabulary topics for students of English:

actions and activities verbs, what things do, what people do, movements  
adjectives quality, comparatives, superlatives, compound adjectives, modifiers, gradable adjectives  
art and entertainment music, theatre, television, dancing, classic arts, visual arts, performing arts, humour, literature  
business everyday words used in business and finance  
character and personality adjectives to describe a person's character traits and personality  
clothes children's clothes, men's wear and women's wear, sport's wear  
countries and nationalities languages, geography, nationalities, people  
family births, marriages, deaths, family members, family relationships, ancestors and descendants  
foreign words foreign words and expressions originating from French, Latin, Greek ... used in everyday English  
law and order crime and punishment, obeying and breaking the law, rules, trials and court cases  
numbers decimals, ordinals, mathematical expressions, notations  
phrasal verbs verb + preposition phrases (take off, give up)  
sport and games Olympic and non-Olympic games, athletics, ball games, winter-summer sports, free time, recreation  
the animal world domesticated animals, wild animals, animal groups, animal anatomy  
the human body the human body from head to toe, vital organs, human anatomy  
the plant world agriculture, nature, forestry, fruit, vegetables, plant biology  
time expressions expressing and measuring time, time expressions, frequency and regularity  
towns and around parts of town and words for speaking about a place, navigation in the city, the countryside  
word formation prefixes, suffixes, compound verbs, compound nouns, compound adjectives  
work jobs, business, industry, industrial relations, occupations  

English grammar exercises:

adjectives comparative adjectives and superlative adjectives regular and irregular form of adjectives 
articles correct use of articles a/an/the 
auxiliary verbs how and when to use auxiliary verbs (do, did, have, be) 
conditional present, past, future and zero conditionals (I-II-III an 0 conditionals) 
countable/uncountable much/many 
future Future simple, Future continuous, Future perfect simple and continuous 
miscellaneous mixed or indefinable, (common errors in English grammar) 
modal verbs must, can, may, would, should, could, might, ought to, have to, need, mustn't (present and past) 
passive voice passive voice in all present, past, future tenses 
past Past simple, Past continuous, Past perfect simple and continuous 
phrasal verbs verb + preposition phrases (take off, give up) 
plurals irregular and regular plural nouns, (man-men, ox-oxen, fish-fish) 
prepositions prepositions of place and time (at, in, on, after, before, under, by, to, with, without, over, below 
present Present simple, Present continuous, Present perfect simple and continuous 
pronouns personal pronouns, possessive pronouns - he, his, him 
questions forming questions in English - mixed tenses 
some/any somebody, anybody, something, anything, somewhere, anywhere (questions and negatives) 
spelling proof reading - spelling and punctuation exercises, words with capitals, punctuation marks, 
tenses Present, Past, Future (mixed) 
there is/there are usage of there is/there are in all present, past and future tenses 
verb + preposition look out 
verb+ing and verb+infinitive GERUND or INFINITIVE? - need to go, like fishing, want to eat, stopped to eat, stopped eating 

Business English vocabulary topics:

accounting and finance common and less common words used in accounting and finance 
business idioms idiomatic expressions, compound words and phrasal verbs used in the world of business 
business law copyrights, ethics, nethics 
human resources personnel management, jobs and carriers, health and safety, recruitment, industrial relations 
marketing pricing, sales, merchandising 
stocks, shares and takeovers mergers, the stock market and everything what is related, financial investments 

Existing exercises:

We are preparing the following interactive online exercises:

Vocabulary topics for foreign students:

attitudes and beliefs expressing opinion, attitudes, beliefs and opinions, knowing and understanding Coming soon! 
building and civil engineering various types of buildings and their parts, interiors, construction Coming soon! 
cause and effect what caused what and what are the effects Coming soon! 
confused words false friends, common errors made by ESL/EFL students Coming soon! 
earth and outer space universe, astronomy, cartography, environmental issues, weather, climate and meteorology, geology Coming soon! 
food and drink cooking, eating and drinking, foods and drinks, flavours and tastes, cookery, meals Coming soon! 
health and illness first-aid, hospital and doctors, types of illnesses and their cures, useful conversational phrases Coming soon! 
human communication written and spoken language, body-language, media Coming soon! 
idioms common and uncommon idioms used in everyday English Coming soon! 
information technology telecommunications, computers, broadcast, internet Coming soon! 
materials and textures various materials and textures in everyday English Coming soon! 
moods words to express a person's mood and attitude Coming soon! 
personal finance words related to personal finance in everyday English Coming soon! 
politics and economy macro-economy, war, peace, unemployment, systems of government, elections, international politics Coming soon! 
probability - necessity normality, necessity, probability - expressing likelihood Coming soon! 
shapes various shapes that can be useful in everyday English Coming soon! 
size, quantity, dimensions, measures how to describe an object using related adjectives Coming soon! 
things around us tools, furniture, household, everyday objects Coming soon! 
up and down - Coming soon! 
US vs. UK English learn the differences between English in the USA/Canada and Great Britain Coming soon! 
vehicles and travelling types of vehicles, transportation, parts accessories Coming soon! 

Interactive grammar tests:

Business English vocabulary topics:

advertising learn what the advertising companies use to express various tricks of the trade Coming soon! 
banking money matters, currency Coming soon! 
dealing with problems complaining and apologising Coming soon! 
factory production processes and operations, industry Coming soon! 
government and politics macroeconomics, taxation, central banking, associations, unemployment Coming soon! 
information technology computing, data processing related to the world of business Coming soon! 
insurance words and expressions related to the world of insurance Coming soon! 
international marketing exporting Coming soon! 
meetings the language of the meeting rooms Coming soon! 
personal finance most common words related to money and finance Coming soon! 
the office administration, management, office practice, Coming soon! 
transport and distribution - Coming soon! 
written communication summaries, notes and reports, understanding business data Coming soon! 

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